Steuerberaterin Petra Chr. Sabrowski

Income tax return

“Income tax liability begins with the completion of childbirth”

Anyone who is domiciled or habitually resident in Germany is subject to unlimited income tax on his or her total income and, with a few exceptions, is obliged to file an annual income tax return in Germany. The world income principle applies.

Unfortunately, the income tax return still does not fit on a coaster – although this has long been promised to us by politicians.

I will help you classify your income by income type, checking whether it’s taxable or tax-free, then classifying it according to the seven types of income that the Income Tax Act recognises. We take into account business expenses and income-related expenses as well as special expenses and other deductions, and determine the correct income tax together with any solidarity surcharge and church tax.

Income tax is a tax that only applies to income and, in some cases, to the development of assets. To the extent that tax planning and optimisation is possible, I will gladly help you.

With an expertly prepared income tax return, you will find out at the earliest possible point in time which tax payments are due to you.